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Her Majesty the Queen and Alison Uttley’s ‘Little Grey Rabbit’ Books

Knowing that the Queen had read the Little Grey Rabbit books to her children, Denis Judd recently sent Her Majesty a copy of the new edition of his biography of Alison Uttley. The Queen was pleased to be reminded of the books which she and her family had so enjoyed reading. She also sent her good wishes to the members of the Alison Uttley Society.


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“Why do children love them? Because I believe in them.
Mine aren’t made up. They are real…I don’t sit down to write a story, they come.”

“In these little books I always try to give some specially English touch of country life, which might [otherwise] be forgotten.”

~ Alison Uttley, writing about her characters.

Alison Uttley's Signature
Alison Uttley’s Signature

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