A Little Grey Rabbit for the Twenty first Century.

We are delighted to announce that the first four books that Alison Uttley wrote in this series are being re-issued in April by Templar Publishing. They are beautifully produced, still the size for little hands as Alison Uttley always wanted and competitively priced at £5.99 each.

The spring titles are: The Squirrel the Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit, How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back her Tail, The Great Adventure of Hare, The Story of Fuzzypeg the Hedgehog.

This website gets frequent requests from readers worldwide: “Why are these lovely books not in print?”

Well, now they will be again and more are promised. Parents and aunts and uncles can put their own well-loved and battered copies back in the cupboard and buy lovely new ones for the next generation. A boon for birthdays and a great filler for Christmas stockings.

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